Triple D Farms

Our Evaporator 3.5'x14' Lapierre Volcano 2000 Oil Fired

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Vacuum Booster/Transfer Tank

Vacuum Gauge at the end of a mainline.

Triple D Maple

Certified Organic Maple Syrup 

How did we start?

In the 1980s the Davis family got started making Maple Syrup by installing a plastic tubing system to collect Maple Sap in the sugarbush by the house. They hauled the sap to Kinan Century Trees Sugarhouse just down the road where it was processed into Maple Syrup on shares. After not making Maple Syrup for about 10 years Jared who was now all grown up now started tapping trees once again and he hauled the sap to Kinan Century Trees for two seasons 2012-2013.

Vacuum 2013 was the first year that Jared tried using vacuum to collect sap and the results were pretty good. In fact the amount of sap was so great that he was spending most of the evening hauling sap making up to 5 trips a day. Jared had been thinking about building a sugarhouse of his own to process his own sap, but he wanted to see the potential for more production before investing the time and money he needed to make it happen.

A Sugarhouse is Born Right after the 2013 season Jared started looking into options for building a sugarhouse at the bottom of the hill. With the help from his parents Jim and Elaine he was able to secure a loan for funding. With the help of his wife Rachael, John Bledsoe Construction and some friends and family he was able to complete the sugarhouse for the 2014 Maple Season. 

The First Season The first season was late starting, which provided a little more time for Jared to get everything ready. When the sap finally flowed it turned out to be pretty good season and Jared was very happy with the results. Of course plans already being made for expansions and improvements for the 2015 season.  

Expansion We continue to expand and improve each season on our mission to produce as much Pure Maple Syrup as we can in any single season. Each year we try to add on a few taps, improve our facilities, and become more efficient. We are always looking forward to each upcoming season and make the most of it while it lasts.